The character of this charming community turns strangers into friends, as the residents encourage visitors as well as new residents to partake in the rich culture and historical ancestry that resounds in Nyack, NY. Proudly showcasing arts, music and good old fashioned family fun, this hamlet hosts an amazing variety of special events and activities that will appeal to every member of your household.

Spanning over 11 acres and nestled along the Hudson River, Memorial Park is the epicentre of community events. You can catch the local baseball game or take the kids to enjoy the large playground while you wander through the butterfly garden. Enjoy yourself with a Sunday afternoon picnic, or maybe drop by for a midweek game of tennis. Bring the whole family for some summer fun, or just bring yourself and get lost in the picturesque landscape and tranquil atmosphere.

Music, arts and recreation are the heartbeat of this small town. Nyack, NY is diversely parcelled with a wide range of businesses that cater to the cultural enhancement of this community as well as meeting the daily needs of residents and tourists alike. Great places to eat and interesting things to do are abundant in a town that makes even daily life seem like a holiday event.

Much of the allure of Nyack, NY comes from the classic and historic architectural style of many of the homes and buildings. This brings solid property values to the graceful and elegant homes that enjoy the rich backdrop of the surrounding landscape.

Nyack, NY is close enough to New York City for commuters and travellers to find themselves in the hustle and bustle of the bright lights in about half an hour or so. This makes it ideal for enjoying all the excitement and variety the city has to offer, without giving up the peaceful tranquility of small town living.

For residents, this truly makes Nyack, NY a home where their heart is, as they retreat to their dwellings to unwind after a day the city.

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